Easy, Effective, and Amazing Food Ideas for Your Parties

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1While one has decided to host a party at his home, the question of arranging food for the party becomes vital or important.Since at home one do not have enough utilities in hand to store and preserve the food items therefore one need to keep this fact in minds. When one is holding a party at home he or she needs to be quite choosy about keeping the food items of the party in proper conditions. The food items particularly the dairy products need to be kept safe from getting stale or from getting fermented.Given below are simple and effective food ideas for the home party that can make the party time wonderful.


For keeping the condiments in appropriate condition one should place them on ice. Make use of a dish and place ice in it and then put the condiments into it. This will help in preventing the condiments from getting too much hot.

Finger sandwich

One can make the finger sandwich by making use of turkey, ham and salami rolls with leaf lettuce and cheese. There is no need for carrying out the dressing of the finger sandwich as it will turn the bread soggie and the sandwich will become bad quickly.


For making pinwheels one needs to assort meat, veggies that are finely chopped and rolled into tortilla and then properly slice them. Then place a layer of ice on the serving dish and then cover it up with napkin made of linen. This will in turn enhance the serving time and that too at right temperature.

Cheese crackers and ball

For making cheese with cracker and ball one needs to place platter with lettuce and then have two tiered basket filled with the crackers in the next dish.

Finger desserts of assorted nature

One can place mini muffins, mini brown bites, cups of mini pastry filled with mousse of assorted nature, assorted cookie bars of assorted nature and gelatin jigglers for the kids. And all these items can be displayed on the racks of tiered nature or type.

Chocolate or fondue sauce in fondue pot

One can load his fondue pot with his favorite fondue recipe with chips of semi-sweet chocolate nature by giving it a touch of oil. Placing a basket or platter along the pot having dipped goodies like pound cake chunked bread, apple, grapes, pretzels and marshmallows can make it look or appear really tasty and wonderful.

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